Registration and Prices

Before registering please read classes Policies

Online art classes are delivered using Zoom platform and an additional Learning Management System, such as Google Classroom or alike. Students need to have Zoom (and in case of using the Google classroom – Google) accounts to access the classes, and have such tools, as web camera, microphone, and any camera or scanner to take pictures of their artworks.
Minimum number of students in virtual class: 6 people. Under-enrolled groups may be cancelled or moved to another time.
Maximum number of students: 12.


  • Art instructor will provide live online class, that include theoretical material (lecture, slides and/or video), demonstration of techniques and supervised time for students to work on their projects. Part of the projects is supposed to be completed as “homework”. Students will need to post pictures of their completed works and their questions on Google classroom website in order to get feedback.
  • Students are responsible for getting their own art supplies. Sample supply lists for every class are published on the respective pages of the website.
  • Students or their parents are responsible for having an adequate technology and provide a space that is suitable for drawing, painting and art activities in general.
  • Art instructor is not responsible for any instability of internet connection on the student’s side. There will be no make-ups or refunds in such cases.
  • In case of the connection problems on the instructor’s side, or other problems leading to inability to teach one particular lesson, it will be moved to another day or time, previously discussed with the students.
  • In case of instructor’s inability to teach the classes, due to illness or other circumstances, students will receive a full refund.
  • In a situation of pandemic there may be other unforeseen circumstances that will lead to changes in the schedule and/or classes cancellation.
  • Parents are kindly asked to make sure that their children have all needed art supplies and tech support before the online session starts.

Payment is usually made for a block of classes (the actual number of classes may vary), e.g. for 8-week block.
Not all kids can learn remotely. You can ask for a trial class before you decide if it is a good fit for your child.
Payment is made via credit card. Customers will receive invoices for the classes that they can pay online. Paypal may be used in exceptional situations (international payment). Paper checks or cash are currently not accepted.
All classes, including trial ones, should be prepaid before you get the links to the video sessions and online classroom.
Payment will not be collected until the group reaches the minimal number of students (6).
You can drop the class after the first lesson and will receive a refund minus the cost of one class and the processing fee. You will receive your refund as a check from bank. After the first class, no refunds will be made, if student decides to withdraw, with the exception of their or the caregiver’s unemployment, or serious illness. Students’ schedule changes are NOT considered as exceptional situation.
Payment per class will be accepted upon agreement and and if the student commits to at least half of the classes in the block.

In case when student misses the class, they may use the materials and instructions published on Google Classroom for independent work. They can also join another group for a make up, providing there is another class and there’s space. The classes are NOT RECORDED, and there will be no refund or credit for future classes.


  • Private lessons are not included in general schedule and may be arranged if there is a slot available
  • Cost of private one-on-one lesson: $50 per 1 hour, $65 per 90-min lesson. Cost of semi-private and small group lessons will be determined according to the number of students
  • Payment for private lessons is made on the day of the lesson via online payment.
  • In case you need to cancel the lesson, please notify me in writing at least 24 hours prior to the lesson. I understand that an emergency may happen, so you can make a cancellation within the 24-hour period ONCE per semester. At other times, I’ll have to charge you 50% of the cost of the missed lesson.
  • Many students choose to take private lessons because their schedule is inconsistent, and it’s hard to follow the curriculum of the group class. However, regular practice and attendance is essential. I expect students who take private lessons, to come at least twice a month and preferably book a series of classes.

Per Massachusetts Recording Law, recording of online lessons is prohibited without a clear two-party consent. Therefore, the classes (including demos) are NOT recorded. If the lesson needs to be recorded for whatever reason, the participants will be informed and may agree or not agree to that. The studio is NOT responsible for any secret screenshots, photographing or recording made by other participants.

Students are required to participate in all activities (watching samples, discussions or group critiques, or working independently on a project). As it’s essential to see the student’s progress during the class, I require that the student’s cameras will be turned on at least when we are reviewing the works. Additionally, the artwork can be sent to the instructor via Google Classroom and reviewed in one-on one private chat.

Common sense code of participation in online classes includes quiet and well-lit setting, appropriate clothing, no excessive or rude conversation, etc.

Students and their family members are advised to keep private things and conversations private from other zoom participants.

Eating is not encouraged during the lessons. Drinks and snacks are allowed during the class only is they are not distracting the student and other participants from the class.

Students may take short breaks, when needed, without any notice. If the student has to leave early or have a longer break, they can leave a private notice using Chat option in Zoom.

All student participants are expected to properly use the zoom platform: mute/unmute functions, chat, non-verbal tools of communication, etc.

Students are expected to mute the microphones during the instructor’s demo, slideshows, and when other participants are speaking. Although I encourage discussions, when appropriate, I’d ask to refrain from unrelated topics and excessive talking.

In case of inappropriate, offensive or destructive behavior, it may be recorded, and such student may be asked to quit the class. No refund will be issued in such case.

These rules are subject to change. Upon registration, you will receive a copy of the current rules for your records.

Spring 2021 Prices for group classes

Children’s classes 60 min: $18 for one trial class, $148 for 9-weeks block;
Children’s classes 75 min: $20 for one trial class, $165 for 9-weeks block;
Adult and teens classes 120 min: $24 for one trial class, $90 for 4-weeks block, $170 for 8-weeks block.

Family/sibling discount: 10% (Does not apply to semi-private lessons)
One-time registration fee (new students in the current year): $5