Children's classes Grades K-7

“Fall in New England” , by Polina Malikov

In that program developed for students K-6, children are introduced to elements and concepts of art, learn to observe, exercise their drawing and painting skills and express their feelings and thoughts through art.Besides drawing and painting, we focus on the fine motor skills and creative mind development through 3d activities, such as sculpting and fiber arts (weaving, sewing, felting).

We gather in small groups, which provide a cozy and friendly environment, and much attention from the instructor. Due to the small class size, the curriculum is flexible, and it can be customized to meet everyone’s interests. Groups are from 4 to 6 students.

The studio art lessons are mostly focused on::

  • Observation, memory and invention as the sources of inspiration
  • Color theory
  • Visual art genres (portrait, still life, landscape, etc.)
  • Narrative drawing and illustrating
  • Studying perspective and rendering 3D objects
  • Fundamentals of composition
  • Art vocabulary and main persons in art history
  • Exploring new mediums and techniques

There are three levels in this program. You can see the descriptions following the links below:

Fall 2018 Pricing

  • Session 1 (September+October, 7 weeks) $175
  • Session 2 (November+December, 6 weeks) $150
  • Session 1+2 (13 weeks) $308
  • Session 1 (September+October, 7 weeks) $210
  • Session 2 (November+December, 6 weeks) $180
  • Session 1+2 (13 weeks) $370

For discounts and additional fees please see Registration and policies

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