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Drawing is a skill that can be taught and learned and it’s never too late to learn! In the Realistic Drawing classes you’ll be introduced to basic foundations of realistic representational drawing. Guided projects and exercises will cover the use of lines, tone (light and shadow), spaces, and relationships (perspective, proportion, etc.).


Painting classes are open to everyone who wants to hone their skills in oil, acrylic and watercolor painting. All levels are welcome. Acrylic is an ideal medium for beginners as well as for the experienced artists who like to experiment with different techniques…

Kid's art classes

Choice-based approach in art education regards students as artists and offers them real choices for responding to their own ideas and interests…

Needle felting

Sculptural needle felting is fun and easy to learn. It is a popular craft, in which wool fleece can be made into a 3D object with the help of barbed needles. Using a few simple techniques you can create many beautiful pieces…