If you join the class later, or the beginning of the class is postponed, payment will be prorated based on the real amount of classes you attend. Registration fee of $20 will be added to the price of the class. This non-refundable fee is paid once a year, at the time of registration, applies for new and continuing students. You don’t have to pay that fee if you already did it in the fall semester.

Classes for adults and high school students (Painting, Drawing, Botanical art, Saturday studio)

2-hour class, materials not included in the price.

  • Winter session 8 weeks $200
Children’s classes (First Steps in Art, ART 1-2-3-4)

All materials included in the price
45-min class

  • Winter session 8 weeks $176

60-min class

  • Winter session 8 weeks$200

90-min class (ART 3-4)

  • Winter session 8 weeks$240
Needle Felting:
  • One 2-hour workshop $45per person
  • Two 2-hour workshops $80 per person
Teen Art Studio

(90 minutes, materials included in the price, except special projects):

  • Winter session 8 weeks $240
  • Sibling/Parent+child discount: 10% of the total cost of the class (applies only to the group classes).
  • 5% discount if you pay for the whole term (e.g. for Fall Session 1 + Fall Session 2). This discount is already included in the term prices that are listed above.
  • Person referring a friend, who signs up, will get a $25 credit for the classes.
  • The discounts do not sum up.
  • For additional information about payment please see Registration and Policies Page