Magic Bird Gamayun, by Julia M.

In that online program developed for children from 6 to 11 years old, students are introduced to elements and concepts of art, learn to observe, exercise their drawing and painting skills and express their feelings and thoughts through painting and drawing. We devote a significant part of class time to art history and art vocabulary, learning about great masters as well as contemporary and diverse art movements and personalities. 

Limited number of students provides a friendly environment, and much attention from the instructor. The curriculum is flexible, and it can be customized to meet everyone’s interests.

Suggested materials for this class:

  • watercolor paints in pans or tubes;
  • OR any other paints that you have – tempera, gouache or acrylics;
  • soft synthetic paintbrushes, various sizes (## 2,6, 8, 10 and 12 are optimal);
  • colored markers (any type, Crayola is ok);
  • black marker with fine tip, Sharpie-like;
  • colored pencils – any brand, but Prismacolor is preferred;
  • painting paper (Thickness 90 lb and more. The weight of the paper is usually indicated on the pad or package cover);
  • plastic palette or white paper plate or just regular plate that you don’t need. Piece of thick paper will also work as a palette;
  • paper towel or rag to wipe the brush;
  • folder or portfolio to keep the artwork.

All the materials mentioned above may be purchased on Amazon, any art supplies chain (Blick, Michael’s, Staples and such), or at any local art supplies store.
Classes may be offered in English and in Russian. Classes that are not announced as “Russian-speaking” will be held in English by default.
Class duration – 60 min via Zoom.

Recent works from our online classes