Watercolor painting for children

“Music” , by Maya K.-R.

Fall 2020 – 6 Thursdays: 9/17-10/29, 4:00-5:15 PM

Watercolor painting is generally considered to be difficult… At the same time it can be a lot of fun when you learn the main tips and techniques, that make it much easier to understand how to paint well. It’s an amazing, versatile medium that students will love more and more as they practice.

In this class students will learn about:

  • Main watercolor techniques – from applying the paints, controlling the amount of water and handling the brush – to various effects that can be achieved with this medium;
  • Basics of color theory and color mixing;
  • Great artists and masterpieces created in watercolors.

We’ll practice while creating fun projects that will develop and hone children’s painting skills as well as their art appreciation.
The class is intended for children 9-13 years old.

Suggested materials for the class:

  • Watercolor paints in tubes or pans. Recommended brands: Sakura Koi, Sennelier La Petite Aquarelle, Yarka, White Nights, VanGogh, Grumbacher, Winsor&Newton. 12 colors is the best. Please do not buy cheap school-grade watercolors (Prang, Crayola or alike). While I myself like paints in pans, students may prefer tubes, as they have names of colors on them, and also it’s easier to control the amount of paint when you squeeze it from the tube.
  • white gouache (opaque watercolor) or acrylic paint;
  • soft synthetic paintbrushes, various sizes (## 2,6, 8, 10 and 12 are optimal). Round brushes are preferred;
  • watercolor paper thickness 100 lb and up, or heavyweight mixed media paper / Bristol paper;
  • black markers or pens, Sharpie-type;
  • plastic palette or white paper plate or just regular porcelain plate that you don’t need. Piece of thick paper will also work;
  • piece of paper towel or rag to wipe the brush;
  • basic household sponge or sponge brush to create the paint effects.
  • small sketchbook or drawing pad and a regular pencil for sketches;
  • folder of portfolio to keep the artwork.

All the materials mentioned above are available on Amazon, Blick Art Materials online store , or at any local art store.
Classes are offered in English.
Live class duration – 75 min via Zoom.

Some Photos from online classes – Spring and summer 2020