Painting with Colored Pencils

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Colored pencil art is experiencing a whole new level of appreciation in the art world. Until recently, it was considered to be primarily for kids, but now it is gaining a lot of respect among artists and art lovers. There is a difference between artist grade colored pencils and the colored pencils usually used by children. These pencils allow for a really rich, deep and luminescent color, so finished drawings can be so smooth and pigmented that you cannot tell they were not created with paint. Overall quality of colored pencils has raised in last years, so you can now get more or less affordable colored pencils that will provide your artwork a professional look.
Using solvents, blenders and special techniques also helps artists in transforming their sketches into paintings.

In this class, we’ll learn how to create wonderful paintings effects with just colored pencils. You will learn principles of layering and blending the colors, technical tips and ways to combine your pencils with other art materials. We’ll talk about color theory, lights and shades, as we work on different projects, that may include: flowers, still life, abstract art and illustration.

Please note that this is NOT a watercolor pencils class. That being said, you can freely use your watercolor pencils in “dry” mode, without adding water.
If you are interested in watercolor pencils painting, you can join us in Nature in Watercolors class.

Suggested materials for this class:

  • Colored pencils set of at least 24 colors (the more the better). Prismacolor is the best option for us. Many other brands are great: Caran d’Ache, Lyra, Staedtler, Koch-I-Noor, Faber-Castell, Blick and more.
  • Smooth and thick drawing paper, or mixed media paper or Bristol paper vellum surface.
  • Erasers: regular white eraser, kneaded eraser, if possible.
  • Pencil sharpening tools, regular graphite pencil.
  • Colored pencil blenders.
  • Solvent: Gamsol mineral spirit, paint solvents (please consult with me about purchasing these)
  • .

All of the supplies mentioned above are sold online via Amazon. However, if you can only get colored pencils and paper, it will be enough to start.

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