Illustrating Nature: Painting and Drawing

“Seagull”, by Marina Lawson, Acrylics on canvas, 2018

This class is designed for those who enjoy painting and drawing botanicals, birds, animals, landscapes and other natural objects. A significant part of the course is based on various Natural History Illustration examples that aim to accurately depict the world around us. However, we are not going to focus on scientifically precise encyclopedia-like illustrations, but rather do a lot of free sketches and paintings in more impressionistic style.

When illustrating natural objects, we inevitably face the problem of rendering different types of textures: furs, feathers, sand, stones and trees bark – just name a few. We’ll study different techniques that will help you do draw and paint such textures.

We’ll also approach to various types of landscape drawing; study the different aspects of perspective, principles of simplifying in landscape drawing, and various techniques to create the illusion of space. Studying the works of the great masters will always help.

Students can use mediums of their choice: pencils, paints, pastels, etc. There is no materials list, but I’d ask you to contact me about what materials you would like to use and what to bring to the class.

Examples of materials:
– acrylic paints
– watercolors or watercolor pencils (other water-soluble pencils)
– regular graphite pencils
– colored pencils (e.g. Prismacolor, Derwent, Polychromos etc.)
– soft or oil pastels…

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