Nature in Watercolors

This class is designed for those who enjoy painting and drawing botanicals, birds, animals, landscapes and other natural objects. We are not going to focus on scientifically precise encyclopedia-like illustrations, but rather do a lot of free sketches and paintings in more free and impressionistic style using watercolor paints and somme additional tools, such as pens and colored pencils.

When illustrating natural objects, we inevitably face the problem of rendering different types of textures: furs, feathers, sand and pebbles, trees bark, and glossy fruit skin… We’ll study different techniques that will help you do draw and paint such textures.
We’ll work from pictures and from real observation – when you’ll paint plants, flowers of fruits that you may have around.

Materials you’ll need for the class:

  • watercolor paints in tubes or pans. Recommended brands: Winsor&Newton, Sennelier, White Nights, VanGogh, Grumbacher. Please don’t use or buy kid’s Crayola-style watercolors;
  • watercolor paper, any size, OR Bristol paper, OR thick mixed media paper;
  • soft synthetic brushes ## 2, 6, 10-12


  • ultra-thin permanent markers or pens, preferably Micron pens, various colors or just black
  • watercolor pencils (other water-soluble pencils)
  • regular graphite pencils
  • colored pencils (e.g. Prismacolor, Derwent, Polychromos etc.)

You probably won’t need ALL these materials. The projects we’ll be working on will require mostly watercolor paints and basic painting supplies. I don’t encourage students to spend money on extra supplies. However, better quality watercolor paints and paper will be a real game changer in your art process. All the materials mentioned above are available on Amazon.