Teen art classes

These classes are designed for teenage students who want to

  • develop visual perception and drawing skills, focusing on a realistic approach;
  • advance their artistic skills and move on to higher levels including watercolor and oil painting, mixed media, and figure drawing;
  • learn about various painting and illustration techniques by studying the works of both old-school and contemporary artists;
  • develop a portfolio.

The curriculum is based both on realistic approach and an opportunity for creative expression. Students are exposed to a wide variety of techniques and mediums, using professional materials and working from observation, memory and imagination. They will also be working from plaster casts and mannequins, as it was in traditional French atelier. Subject matter will include: landscapes, still life, portraits, life and gesture drawings, animalistic and botanical art. Students will be encouraged to develop their own style and creative approach as well as advance their level of draftsmanship and painting skills. They will receive individualized practical instruction. During the school year students will be building a portfolio of their original artworks. Students will be assigned homework that includes sketching, finishing the current project or reading. The curriculum does not include 3D art. Artworks review is recommended prior to signing up for this class, especially if joining the class in the middle of the year.

This fall, I am offering art instruction for teens on Saturdays and Sundays:

  • Painting and drawing studio for high school students (and also for adult beginners)
  • Teen art studio (Grades 6 and up): painting, drawing, mixed media

Winter 2019 Pricing

Teen art studio (8-week session): $240

For discounts and additional fees please see Registration and policies