Painting studio - adults

Still Life , by Lyudmila Savelyeva

Online painting classes are designed for those who want to try new creative activity and hone their painting skills while working on a variety of projects and themes.

This spring, you are welcome to join two wonderful classes:
– Evening Painting Studio (Wednesdays, 6:30-8:30 – dates of the class still TBD),
– and a Weekend Painting Studio: Watercolors and Beyond on Saturdays (12:00-2:00).

In the Evening Painting Studio we’ll learn about color theory as we’ll create the painting projects with various media (you will choose your preferred material). Many people opt to experiment with acrylics.
Acrylic painting is great for beginners as well as for professional artists, as acrylic paints provide a huge variety of options to work with them and master techniques – or just have fun playing with its vibrant colors. If you ever worked with acrylics, you know how forgiving is this medium and how easy is it to work on literally any surface. It may cause some troubles, however, as the paints dry fast and some people struggle with color application and mixing. In our classes, I will show how to overcome the inevitable “ugly stages” of painting, walk through some important techniques, and explain the main principles of creating great color combinations. You will see how you brushwork will improve.

In Weekend Watercolor painting class we’ll discover different ways to work with watercolor paints. Watercolors are considered to be one of the most difficult medium – but you won’t be scared of it anymore, as you practice and learn certain techniques. We’ll explore wet-on dry and wet-on-wet methods, learn to use masking, and many more ways to create beautiful compositions. You’ll find your own way to paint with watercolors – loose or more academical – and will have fun with it.
The classes are delivered via Zoom. I will be showing instructional demonstrations, and students will work on their projects and master their skills. I will review their works in real-time mode during the class, and students will later submit the pictures of their works to get feedback.
These classes are for adults and teens 14 years and older.
You can find the supplies lists here:
Materials list for acrylic painting
Materials list for watercolor painting

Schedule and Prices

  • Evening Painting Studio… 8 Wednesdays (DATES TBD) , 6:30-8:30
  • Weekend Watercolors… 8 Saturdays: 3/27-5/15 , 12:00-2:00
  • The classes are 120 min long. Cost of one trial class: $24. 4-weeks block: $90, 8-weeks block: $170.
  • Family discount: 10%
  • One-time registration fee (new students only): $5
  • some Photos from Online Classes