Anastasia Semash

Owner/Studio Art Instructor


Anastasia Semash is an artist and art instructor residing in Arlington, Massachusetts. She’s been teaching since 2006, for the last six years mostly focused on doing the instruction in studio art to students of different ages – children, teens and adults. In last five years she has taught visual arts at Arlington Community Education, Munroe Center for the Arts in Lexington and Russian Center for Languages and Arts in Brookline. She ran multiple workshops in various locations, including Fuller Craft Museum, Russian Cultural center at Tufts University, and different art centers.

Anastasia received her Master of Arts from St. Petersburg State University, Russia, with major in Philosophy and additional focus on Aesthetics and History of Art and Design, in 2000. Her PhD dissertation was devoted to aesthetic aspects of advertising. She started her career working in advertising, graphic arts and publishing and later switched to teaching. After completing a program in publishing design at the St. Petersburg University of Technology and Design (2006), Anastasia decided to move towards studio art and continued the education at the Northwestern Institute of Printing Arts, St. Petersburg (2007-2009), where she studied painting, academic drawing, book illustration and typography. In 2015 Anastasia completed a 2-year program in Illustration and Graphic Design at the School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston. For the last 3 years, aside from teaching, she has been working as a graphic designer and illustrator for The Wheel journal ( While her native language is Russian, she teaches both in English and in Russian.

Participation in Art events

  • Food, Glorious Food (Cambridge, MA, 2014);
  • ChairFUL Where You Sit (Arlington, MA: 2014, 2015, 2018). People’s Choice Award in 2014;
  • Art Walk (Lexington, MA: 2016, 2017);

Professional interests

  • Botanical drawing (completed a course in Botanical Illustration at the Department of Continuing Education at Cornell University. She is also a member of American Society of Botanical Artists);
  • Painting
  • Book Illustration
  • Small sculptures